Our Wines

At Mr Kinichi’s vineyard where Shimora wines is made from

Shimora Koshu is made from grapes from Kinichi-san’s vineyard, one of Katsunuma Jozo’s best vineyards. The vineyard is very small and steep, pergola system. Each bunch has an umbrella on it to prevent rain from hitting the fruit directly. The bunches are handpicked and hand carried to the bottom of the vineyard by hand in 10kg boxes, as it is not possible to bring in any machinery.

Each year, the pressed juice is divided into 10 or less barrels. Some of the juice is initially placed in a new barrel, and left in the cool room (4 degrees) so that the must would not ferment for 4/5 days to give the juice a subtle influence of oak. Some were placed in stainless steel barrels, and others were placed in used barrels for fermentation. After a year, all the barrels were reviewed, and those deemed suitable were blended into a stainless steel tank, where it rested until bottling.